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Wallace + Morris is the photographic journal of the adventures of Kristi Wallace Morris and Michael Morris. We are passionate about globally inspired cooking and food focused travel. Taking inspiration from our family traditions from South Korea to the American South and everything in between, we celebrate quality ingredients, delicious cocktails and bringing people together over a comforting meal.

We are based in the beautiful city of Seattle, cooking far too much food for two people, eating out more than we should, and enjoying the good company of our dear friends, family, and spirited min pin, Maya.

We're so glad you found us. It's great to meet you!


Meet Kristi

INFJ | Photographer | Foodie | Gamer | Executive Assistant

I was born in Seoul, South Korea to a Korean mother and African American father. Growing up in a multicultural household and having the opportunity to travel throughout the world with my migrant, military family taught me to appreciate the people, cultures and foods of the many places that I've been. South Korea, Guam, the Philippines, and Washington State were my childhood homes—to name a few.


Meet Michael

ENFP | Photographer | Foodie | Gamer | Engineer

I was born in the southeastern coast of Virginia in an area known to the locals as Hampton Roads. Starkly contrasting what you may have just read about Kristi, I rarely traveled in my youth, was not exposed to a large variety of foods and cultures, and was a notoriously picky eater! I've spent the last decade breaking out of my culinary, cultural and other shells exploring life with Kristi. I am thrilled to call Seattle, Washington the new home base from which I can expand my horizons!


Meet Maya

Min Pin | Companion | Adventurer | Sunbather | Food Snob

Our young at heart resident food taster and office manager. She enjoys long walks by the Sound, snuggling in all things warm, and overseeing the house from atop of her perch of pillows. Maya is a ferocious 8 1/2 lbs pup that could take on a great dane any day of the week—or so she thinks.


If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food.
— Anthony Bourdain

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